Chatsexyvideo Trouble updating wii

I’m still holding off on purchase of a next-gen console, and I still use my old original Wii for things like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and You Tube.

For the past couple of weeks though, most of the time I try to watch You Tube, it just plays to about 30 seconds (40 seconds if I’m lucky) and then buffers repeatedly.

I would put this down to hardware limitations or slow download speeds, except (1) Netflix and Amazon stream video that looks just fine for 480p, and (2) it didn’t used to do this.

trouble updating wii-22

It has decreased recently, but it is still buffering like a madman on a good percentage of the videos I try to watch.Hi All, When my PS3 broke (red light of death) issue :-) PS3 break too, less than XBox, but anyways, I couldn't watch youtube no more, so I dug out the Wii from the bottom of the box and did the latest Update and downloaded Youtube - I too was having this problem.But then I was reading what the optimal internet settings were for Netflix and they highly recommended manually changing the MTO from the default 0 to 1500.That's all I did, all my problems went away - so worth a try! I deleted the app/channel from the wii menu, then go into wii system settings, where you can copy/erase game blocks and data.Completely erase all of the You Tube Blocks, so that there is no You Tube left at all. It should work perfectly then, I was using You Tube on Direc TV for the past 3 months and that SUCKED, but it worked, and I was wondering if this was my problem and it was, so now it works! I don't remember ever updating the software, as I don't know how, but I downloaded the app earlier this year and began using it regularly in the summer.

It started doing this about two months ago, but like I said, way more severe.

I always pause the videos I watch (even online) before playing to give it a little time to buffer.

But I'm lucky if I get five seconds in before it stops playing and needs to buffer 85% of the time.

And it's not like I paused the video for a second, we're talking almost two minutes I pause it.

I don't have a very fast internet speed, but everything else in the house works fine. If there's any advice other than reconnecting the internet (done), I'd be very grateful.

I once pause a video I was watching for an hour to see if that would work. Update: It seems to have improved a lot for me over the past week or two.