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Some suppliers may have exclusive deals in place with a particular comparison website, or they may have chosen not to appear on comparison sites at all.Sometimes a supplier might be new to the market and won’t have been added to the website’s database yet.

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We’ve come up with a list of recommended websites, based on the type of product you’d like to buy.

Simply scroll down and click through to start your comparison.

Many price comparison websites will ask you for personal details before presenting you with a list of providers.

If you’re looking for the best deal on your mortgage, gas and electricity or savings account, price comparison sites are a great place to start your search.

However, there are a few points to remember before you decide to use one. The Money Advice Service has removed a number of price comparison tables.

On this page we’ve listed a selection of alternative price comparison websites, as well as information on how best to use them.If you’re looking for a way to cut your bills or find out which product best suits your needs, price comparison sites are a good way to get an overview of what’s on offer.Some money saving websites will ask for details about your needs, for example how much energy you consume, and use this information to work out which of the available options best suits you.Once you’ve checked what’s available using a few different price comparison sites, you can either switch through the website itself or contact the supplier directly.Bear in mind that some offers are only available through comparison websites.This is often the case with extras such as cashback or even cuddly toys. Although many price comparison websites will provide you with a wide range of options, they will rarely include every supplier on the market.