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I joined 2 days ago and have met a wonderful woman of 46 my own age. It is very difficult to meet people who do not consume alcohol, but i found one here on your web site.

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Whatever it is they’re feeling, it’s usually a positive & empowering vibe around it. If we charged membership fees, less people would signup and in the long-term, so we decided a free model works best. If you’re from other country but United Kingdom, we’ve probably got you covered. You might end up having to pay for the drinks on your next date, but apart from that, Flirtbox is absolutely free. Here, you can flirt with plenty of single men and women without having to spend a penny. Find other singles for a chat on Skype, Whatsapp, Kik or Bbm.

We all need more positive vibes…and of course, more fun. And always remember this quote from one of our members: “Flirting is fun, you guys.” Flirtbox is a free dating service for singles from the UK. Well, if “the best things in life are free", flirting is definitely one of them. Please, take our privacy tip: do not put your contact details on your profile! Well am 59yrs old of age from California ,, Currently am Working here in Norway I am Engineer ,, Single Dad with One son,,name Daniel he is going to be 15yrs old next month,,, “I am loving open minded guy, who enjoys a healthy active lifestyle, I'm funny smart and loyal. I'd like us to chat so feel free to message me x...” “I'm looking for a fresh start and new adventures!

There are absolutely NO membership fees at all - flirt for free! (Live in Nottingham) I am always laughing and smiling, with a devilish sense of humour!

Hey y'all i think teenchat is a good place to meet all different kinds of people from around the world and learn things from different calchers.

Thanks Dan for putting your time towards Teen chat :) 1st off we will neva die alone juggalos will carry on swing our hatchets if we must each n every on of us.

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