Updating a kitchen with oak cabinets

(use oak if available) Natural Oak Stain (or matching shade to your existing cabinets) Polyurethane spray paint (or regular polyurethane in matching finish to your cabinets – satin for us) Scrap blocking wood, for cleats and backing blocks 1.

Finish Your Wood The first thing that we did was stain the new wood to match the existing color of the cabinets.

Take your oak 1 x 6, small pine molding and crown (ONLY if real wood) stain them to match the color of your cabinets.

updating a kitchen with oak cabinets-62

Follow the drying instructions on the stain before applying polyurethane to the boards.

Spray(or brush) with Polyurethane and allow them to dry.

Lightly sand with 250 grit or higher sandpaper and wipe dust away with a tack cloth before you apply a second coat. Once they are stained, lacquered and completely dry, cut them to the length of the cabinets.

Okay I need to start this post with a very clear caveat: We cannot paint our cabinets, and we cannot stain our cabinets. that feels better to get that out in the open first thing.

Okay, so the reason that is the first thing in bold red text, is because I know I am going to get comments “Why don’t you just paint your cabinets?

” BUT our Realtor advised us not to paint because we decided to rent our home and not sell it.

And rental homes/cabinets get beat up, but it shows less with wood than paint, she knows this from LOTS of experience.

AND we only had 4 weeks to finish our entire house, there technically wasn’t time anyway.

Sidenote: Since I feature a lot of painted kitchen remodels, I get a LOT of comments about how people can’t paint their cabinets, usually a spouse is not okay with painting for one reason or another.

So this post will hopefully show you that you can update the look of your cabinets without painting them…

Supplies: 1″ x 6″ Oak, or matching lumber in needed length (see diagram below) Oak Crown Molding (we used vinyl composite oak look moldings) Pine 5/16″ half round molding, same length as header plus an inch or two.