Updating app v applications

The big downside of this option is when a new OS is released and you would like to run the already created packages on that new OS.

You have to add that OS in the package manually (or via 3rd party tooling).

Therefore many organizations choose the option allow this package to run on any operating system and use another system to preserve starting of applications on a specific OS (if necessary).

Again, I recommend continuing with modifying the package so you can tune the package in a deeper level.

So, for this article I will choose the option Continue to modify the package without saving using the package editor.

Figure 3: Create Package (or continue modifying) This wizard will generate the package and report (again) possible issues of the package. Figure 4: Package Completed Afterwards the completion of the package editor will be shown.

In Part 1 the author explained the installation of App-V 5 sequencer, followed by creating a virtualized package with the sequencer.

In this second part the author continues with the discussion from part one and covers the possibilities on how to update an application.

With the decision to use the Customize package option first, some additional steps are added to the initial wizard. Within the streaming component you can start the application(s) and execute the most common tasks.

This part will be streamed to the client before the application actually starts providing a better user experience (for users behind slow/unreliable lines).

In the previous version of App-V this was called Feature Block 1 and it provides the same functionality.

You don’t have this step so there is no content in FB1 or you can choose the option Force the application(s) to be fully downloaded before launching, which means that the whole package is downloaded to the client before the application can be started by the user.

Figure 1: Prepare for Streaming After the streaming, you can define on which operating systems the package can be started.

This is not an actual check to see if the application will work, but just a check on which OS the application is started by App-V.