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I have am 09 plate Q5 2.0 TDI fitted with the MMI 3G Sat Nav - from the outset I noticed the maps were woefully out of date - estimate 2007 - Q2 or 3.

I received notification that the 2010 maps were out so ordered them - 250+ ouch!

When I picked them up the software/map updates were on an SD card, without instructions. So took them back to the dealers and they carried out the update or so they said.

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So just to make sure I had a drive to a local major motorway junction that had been updated 2 or so years ago - no changes.I took it back to the dealer, explained my concerns.They kept it 4 days, said it had been updated, but it had not.After a conversation with the technician responsible I showed him the lack of changes in the software/database and he admitted there appeared to be an 'issue' and he would have to flag to Audi Technical - that was a month ago and still no response.I sent a gentle reminder yesterday by e-mail - still no response.

Ironically, I received a card this morning from the dealer reminding me that it is better to get your vehicle serviced by Audi as they 'know what they're doing - aarghh! Hi Bee Cee I have the same problem with my sat-nav Audi Q5 2.0 TDI December 09, My Audi dealer agreeds to update my maps with the latest!!

information, Car went in last Friday for update was done while I waited.(no charge.) Total waste of time, Still years out of date, Even my audi dealer moved to a new site over two years ago and mapping still shows old site, Excellent car poor sat-nav mapping.

I too will persevere Good question, since I did not actually get to review the files on the card - however I did see a file version number starting with a 7 - my database is 5.5.5. I will be going into battle on Friday if I have not had an e-mail response from the Service Manager by then.

I have checked 'on the sly' that he is working this week and that his e-mail address is correct.

The problem with all this 'palaver' is I think I am turning into Victor Meldrew!

Temporary update - after much heated discussion between my dealer, Audi Technical and myself, the car is booked in on Monday for the 'upgrade/update'.