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That’s thousands of dollars – 2) You probably also agree that the government is still planning on making the playing field harder. The government has tried screwing things up for us, although temporarily defeated at a federal level, but if Obama does what he says he’s going to do, more trouble is coming our way, and 3) Getting your license can be so complicated that most people just give up and go back to paying thousands of extra dollars just to avoid the hassle.There are laws to learn and forms to fill out and Obama’s ATF to deal with.Chances are Here’s the problem…if you buy a kit from some corporation or fly-by-night operation who hasn’t even gone through the process, you’re not going to be any closer to getting your FFL, because they don’t know any more than you do.All you’ll get is a package of the same paperwork you can get yourself for free.Plus, the requirements change every year, and if you happen to see “updated for 2012,” it means they’re a year behind, and it might as well be “updated for 1896″ for all the good it’ll do you.

You absolutely need to get help from someone who has recently and successfully become a Home-based Federal Firearms License holder.They’re the only ones who can prove they know what they’re talking about. Because there are a few tricks that the ATF doesn’t reveal to anyone else…like what kind of questions are they going to ask you in the interview? You should also make sure he has his own home-based license, and if he doesn’t tell you upfront that he does have one, click away fast, because you won’t get the real experience you need.I’m Brandon Maddox, and like I said up above, I own the That’s easy enough to check out on the internet, so go ahead and check it out!I’ve been a trusted Pay Pal verified Powerseller on e Bay for over two decades with 100% positive feedback, and I also have 100% positive feedback on as both a buyer and a seller.You’ll see proof of my credentials at the top of the page, or you can look me up and see for yourself if you haven’t already done that!I went to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and later on I got a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at Duke University – I’m not telling you this just to sound important, but to let you know I’m not some idiot on the internet who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.