Updating phpbb zegers dating

Please read this document completely before proceeding with installation, updating or converting.

This document will walk you through the basics on installing, updating and converting the forum software.

updating phpbb-58

For more detailed information on using, installing, updating and converting php BB you should read the documentation available online.

If you have basic knowledge of using FTP and are sure your hosting service or server will run php BB3 you can use these steps to quickly get started.

For a more detailed explanation you should skip this and go to section 2 below.

to your account (via telnet or ssh for example) you may want to upload the entire php BB archive (in binary mode!

) to a directory on your host and unarchive it there.

If you do not have shell access or do not wish to use it, you will need to decompress the php BB archive to a local directory on your system using your favourite compression program, e.g. From there you must FTP ALL the files it contains (being sure to retain the directory structure and filenames) to your host.

Please ensure that the cases of filenames are retained, do NOT force filenames to all lower or upper case as doing so will cause errors later.

All .php, .sql, .cfg, .css, .js, .html, .htaccess and files should be uploaded in ASCII mode, while all graphics should be uploaded in BINARY mode.

If you are unfamiliar with what this means please refer to your FTP client documentation.

In most cases this is all handled transparantly by your ftp client, but if you encounter problems later you should be sure the files were uploaded correctly as described here.

php BB comes supplied with British English as its standard language.