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If you have any questions, please feel free to email us, or just ask in the comments below.If this information looks familiar, like maybe from the Play Station forums, that’s because Ftwrthtx wrote this for us. Japan’s update file isn’t the same as the US or EU update file.

Download for your region and please note that these files are hosted by Play Station and are not hosted by Terminal Notice: Be sure to save the update data as noted below.If the data is not saved in the correct way, the PS3™ system will not recognize the update data. As expected, Play Station 3 firmware update 4.78 and Play Station Vita/Play Station Vita firmware update 3.57 are now available to download.A bug was fixed with the release of v0.91, If using v0.90 it is recommenced to update to this new update Ps3 Developer @Mixery Maxe has a new update for PS3Lock with the release of version 0.9 that gives this ps3 plugin a new noob friendly pkg installation and also the developer provides support for recently released 4.80 CFW., Also, this update provides support for all ps3 controller slots (1 - 7) and even to the BD Remote.See all the details about PS3Lock v0.9 and how to use this incredible ps3 plugin from the details provided in the tabs found below:​Restricted mode: With this option enabled, you have the possibility to press the button at the password entry and use the PS3 in restricted mode.

In restricted mode following things are disabled/hidden: In order to block the system update, i use the modified files from XMB Lock from ermak86.Thank you mate NOTHING is changed in dev_flash so this CAN' T cause a brick by incorrect use!If you setup your CFW (the real, NOT the spoofed version) and the option is enabled then PS3Lock redirect the original file "/dev_flash/vsh/module/software_update_plugin.sprx" to "/dev_hdd0/Plugins/PS3Lock/Block_Update/software_update.block_XXX" (XXX your CFW). This option is auto-enabled in "Restricted mode" or you can manually enable/disable in advanced settings.You can also set the update block to "permanent", then the update block is auto-enabled after each restart (independent from restricted mode).With all of our readers hanging on every word that Sony puts out, we decided to put together a page explaining the proper processes in updating your PS3. You can update directly from the PS3, you can update using data on a game disc, or you can download the update file from your PC and update using a USB drive or memory card.Downloading the file directly from Sony’s servers to your PC is generally the fastest way to grab the PS3 update file.