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NOTE: We are very well aware that the monitoring solution we employ is perhaps not the best one, but we cannot change it at this time.

Therefore, suggesting that we change it is not pertinent to this question.

If you want to read more on the Sitescope monitoring solution we employ for those servers, please see its documentation here and look for Port Monitor, and Connecting to remote UNIX servers, which explains how it works.

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Apart from filling the wtmpx, these hundreds(thousands) of connections will have a negative impact on the server's performance.For monitoring purposes, a banner grab of the telnet or ssh port should be sufficient to tell if the service is up.The user does not need to complete a login and so will not appear in the wtmpx.I'm using SUN Solaris-8 and i tried to install an application to run it into : i failed because i got insuffisant disk space.So today i delete some useless thing in the disk but when i try to execute ... I ssh into a remote server which is running Sun OS.

I'm trying to enable DHCP on an Solaris 11 machine. The default shell under the remote server is tcsh, not bash.

My DHCP server is a m0n0wall, and it provides all network configuration information except the local broadcast address (limitation in m0n0wall). I'm testing a C++ library under Solaris 11 with Sun Studio 12.5. I was sitting at the physical machine when I started it. How can I set the ls to generate color coded output as I have ...

The library is trouble free under Sun Studio 12.2 through 12.4, but its having trouble under 12.5. The test that's running takes 4 or 8 hours, and I want to check on it on occasion. I hit a behavior of wget from FTP server (URL: that was unfamiliar to me. And some users upload files through FTP to this FS.

Can you direct me to some documentation or explain how is the following possible?

Some of our Solaris 10 servers are monitored using Site Scope, which uses Telnet to probe certain ports (SSH is one of them) every few minutes.

This is creating an insane amount of lines in /var/adm/wtmpx, and eventually make it so big (2,5G+) that we can no longer run the ) from creating entries in this accounting log at all. I've looked around and searched Google for a while, but couldn't find an answer to this question.