Virginia slims cigarette dating codes

a make of cigarettes produced by Philip Morris, especially for women.

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The pack is small, so it's easy to hide in your purse.

The Gold Menthols are strong enough to have a little kick for the 5 or 6 cig a day smoker. I ran out of cigs and stopped at a store that didn't carry B&H, so I asked for Virginia Slims. Walmart does not sell them, Dollar General has stopped selling them!

These are so thin that they produce relatively little smoke, so you don't get quite as stinky as with regular kings or 100s. These were the only VS they carried and I really needed cigs so I bought 2 packs. Most places say they are to expensive to stock or purchase in there business'.

Overall not an unpleasant smoke, but given that I smoked these twice as fast as B&H's (2 packs in less than a day), and they cost the same, I can't justify paying for these regularly. I like the New Packaging that you have come out with.

They are very costly though, @8.00 a pack is a lot for me,but hey its what I smoke and I will not change my brand!

So PLEASE send me coupons for by the pack and by the carton.Thank SMOKING in TEXAS Comments: As a transgender woman I absolutely love the style of VS 120s Gold.Ever since VS came out in the 60's I knew that one day I would be a VS lady and in the last 3 years I have realized that dream and proudly and elegantly smoke my 120s with all the mannerisms of a confident beautiful woman that I am Comments: I've smoked Virginia Slims Menthol since 1985 and have no plans to change brands.They are the only ones I've smoked that are plenty strong yet easy on the throat.The soft pack is getting hard to find and it's my preference since I always carry a cigarette case. Hey all you bloggers, joggers, cloggers & pettifoggers.