Virtual sex android

Complex showed a bunch people I assume are Complex staffers a bit of the available VR porn.

There is actual VR porn out there, but we're still not sure whether this video capturing people watching the real deal — maybe it's just POV porn that's being watched in a headset. It's just really intense because the Gear VR makes the experience quite immersive.Trumped up claims about the VR-ness of this porn doesn't make me want to try it any less, mind you. Android has at times been chastised for its open nature, allowing the big bad world to sneak in (through the front door) and appear on our smartphones. Sex (as it so often is) is the first thing to come to mind. The Android ecosystem has always been open to nearly any kind of app. This page is your portal to those stories at Android Central. And adults can use smartphones for adult-type things. From the time the first WAP browser reached a two-inch display, low-resolution naked people appeared on tiny screens.

Contrary to popular belief, smartphone cameras have always been used to take more than just pictures of food.

And we know that in addition to owning smartphones, real people go on dates, send each other photos, have sex, and all sorts of other stuff...

Here at Mobile Nations we like to think of ourselves as being real tech for real people.

With it, users will be able to remotely control vibrators from near or far, though that's in line with its existing phone app...

Oh Mi Bod is expanding the functionality of its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-connected sex toys at CES by announcing a new smartwatch app.

Welcome to another side of Android, where few dare to show their faces. If you're one of those adults looking for adult comics, you'll love the new additions to Mi Kandi.