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While the Muslim faith condones polygamy, most Turkish households consist of one man and one woman, in deference to Turkish law.Similar to many cultures, a Turkish couple becomes engaged when the potential groom asks the potential bride's parents for their daughter's hand in marriage.

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It is conducted by a civil official rolex swiss replica watches because marriages conducted by a religious authority are considered invalid.Because no Koran passages are read, the ceremony is usually rather short.Following in the western tradition, a bride usually wears white and a groom will opt for a suit or tuxedo.Afterward, there is almost always a reception involving food and dancing.The vast majority of couples opt to have children; the typical breitling replica family size is two adults and two kids.

(This number is higher outside of urban areas.) Today, about 20 percent of Turkish households include extended family, such as grandparents.

Divorce is very rare in Turkey, but if a marriage should end in cartier replica uk divorce, each party leaves the relationship with whatever possessions they brought into it.

Anything they acquired together as a couple goes to the person who acquired them "first." The law prohibits divorced women from re-marrying within 300 days of the finalization of their divorce.

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by Carolyn Mordecai Excerpt from the new book Weddings, Dating, & Love Customs of Cultures Worldwide, Including Royalty by Carolyn Mordecai Special thanks and credit to Sumitra Singh, Librarian Embassy of India, Washington, D. The world's third largest religion, Hinduism began about 6,000 years ago in India.

Hinduism, a polytheistic religion also known as Brahmanism, is rich in ceremony and the smell of sweet incense.