What episode of glee does finn and rachel start dating dance academy cast dating

FINN & RACHEL, SEASON ONE First Meeting, "Pilot": Rachel the loner and Finn the popular quarterback become unlikely friends through show choir.First Kiss, "Showmance": Finn and Rachel kiss for the first time after a private rehearsal in the auditorium, which is abruptly ended by Finn's, um, premature problem.

She doesn't go through with it, but Rachel tells Finn what almost happened. Back Together, "New York": While performing at Nationals, Finn and Rachel kiss onstage after singing an original song called "Pretending." They lose at Nationals, but at the end of the episode Finn and Rachel decide to give their relationship another shot.

FINN & RACHEL, SEASON THREE Sexy Time, "First Time": Rachel loses her virginity to Finn after a performance of West Side Story.

Proposal, "Yes/No" and "Michael": Finn proposes to Rachel on the auditorium stage.

She doesn't give him an answer right away, but after singing Michael Jackson's "I Just Can't Stop Loving You," she accepts.

Wedding (Almost), "On My Way": Finn and Rachel planned to get married after competing at Regionals, but Quinn's car accident stops it from happening at the last minute.

On A Break, "Goodbye": Before Rachel leaves on a train to New York, Finn breaks up with her so she can go off on her own to do "amazing things" at NYADA.

FINN & RACHEL, SEASON FOUR Break Up, "The Break-Up": While Finn is visting Rachel in New York, she admits to him that she kissed her NYADA classmate, Brody.

Finn flies back to Ohio in the middle of the night.

Rachel also flies back to Lima and yells at him for leaving without telling her, and after admitting that she needs her freedom and doesn't want to be confused anymore, they break up for good.

Current Status: Broken up, but with definite feelings toward each other.

I was working on another story, and I was worried to start this one, but I'm excited about this one. Summary: Finn and Rachel have been best friends forever. Finn briefly remembered all of this, but he decided that if Rachel said it, it must've been true. " Rachel inquired, irritated by his silence."Slightly. He cringed at his brief encounter with the sunlight."No worries. "Finn looked at her with confused look on his face and replied, "What? You were trying to convince her to give you her number when I came to pick you up. Rachel chuckled."Even when you're drunk you still manage to get the girl's number. Finn smiled and replied, "It's because I have a dazzling personality.""No it's because you're six-foot and ripped," she replied rolling her eyes."Well, what about you? "Finn shot her his 'you're kidding me right' look."There are like 6 guys here who are ogling you.""There are not! They haven't approached you because they think that we're dating."Rachel looked at him shocked."No there aren't. I bet you the second you walk away from me at least 1 guy will come up to you."Rachel blushed at the 'beautiful girls' comment, but Finn ignored it. In his mind, there was no denying that she was beautiful. Sure enough, a guy walked up to her and the two started talking.