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It’s no secret that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne’s relationship has been off more than it’s been on. “I’ve never loved anyone the way that I love him.” “I’ve never had anyone understand me the way that he has,” she added through her tears. The 34-year-old, who was once married and divorced hitmaker The-Dream, is still optimistic on finding true love again. Well, it’s official; Milian and Weezy have called it quits and now we’re finding out the real reason for their split. 10)episode of , the R&B singer revealed to her viewers that she broke up with Tunechi after she found an Instagram photo featuring a woman posing in the rapper’s house wearing booty shorts and a sports bra. “Sometimes you just gotta let go of things and let them happen. Initially, the “How to Love” rapper denied that he even knew the mystery girl but the photo spoke a 1,000 words including, “yes, I’m cheating on you, boo.” “I’ve never loved anyone the way that I love Wayne, not even my ex-husband” Milian told her viewers in a very emotional scene.

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Our sources say Wayne had the idea to take Christina to the ESPYs to drum up press ... Now the backstory on why their dating would be SUPER creepy. -- Christina Milian has a daughter with The Dream-- Lil Wayne has a son with R&B singer Nivea-- Nivea has a daughter and twin sons with The Dream So Christina Milian's daughter and Lil Wayne's son have three half-siblings in common.

Milian recently signed with Young Money Entertainment and Wayne is planning on rolling out her music big time.

It’s a secret she’s kept since she was 18, but now Christina Milian is ready to open up about a horrific abusive relationship that almost ended her life.

In a new tell-all interview with the Huffington Post, the Disney alum, now 34, got candid about her painful past. I really want to help other people, especially the youth.”She described the start of her teenage romance as being lighthearted, saying that her then-boyfriend often made jokes that would turn more serious.

“I’ve been holding on to this for too long,” she said. Slowly his jealousy and manipulation were taking a toll on her relationships with her family and friends.“He didn't say it, but his actions were like, ‘I’m going to break you down and you will have nobody to trust but me,’” she recalled.

Then he began to threaten Milian and the lives of those most important to her.

“He'd say, ‘If you leave me, I'll bomb your mom's house,’” she said.

“He always made references to his gang relationships.”Shortly after, the threats escalated into actual physical violence.

Milian noted she would wake up to her boyfriend “kicking me and stomping on me.”“When we had arguments he would choke me and kick me,” she said.

“I stayed with him in a house in Laurel Canyon Hills, with no one around, and there were times when I ran half naked, with no phone, out of the house after him beating me up. Then, I would see his car lights coming at me, to run me over.”“I’m on the phone and can't do anything, so I called the police,” she explained.

“He'd put fake blood on the floor and say he was dying.