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Amanda is being hounded by a reporter from the DC Sun, Gideon Wallace.

But Olivia, with the assistance of her newest associate Quinn Perkins, keep Gideon away from Amanda.

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A couple of weeks later, Amanda gets abducted from Olivia's apartment and killed by a former CIA agent and enemy of Huck's, Charlie. Attorney David Rosen along with his assistant, Alissa, dig into Amanda's murder.

After her body is found in the river, it turns out that the baby was in fact not President Grant's. With Alissa's knowledge of women and who'd they'd choose to sleep with, they comb through pictures of male White House employees, coming up empty.

Things unfold more as it turns that Billy Chambers is the father of the baby.

The character of Amanda Tanner was a supporting character for the first season of the series.

Her character was briefly referred to in a few episodes at the end of the second season.

Amanda started off as a campaign worker for Sally Langston when Sally was running against Fitz Grant for the Republican primary election.It was then that her romantic relationship with Billy Chambers started.Two-years later after President Fitzgerald Grant was elected to office Amanda claimed to have had an affair with the him.After he denied that he had an affair to both his Chief of Staff, Cyrus Beene and former White House Communications Director, Olivia Pope, she believed him.A few days later, after learning some new facts, Olivia confronts the President and realizes that their past relationship has clouded her judgement and she was wrong.Olivia has a gut feeling that Amanda is not lying and decides to take her on as a client.