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(I wish my kids’ school taught such useful skills.) This week, John will be sitting down for tea with a woman who claims to be his biological mother.

I spent two days in Salem and came back with an awesome Brady Pub apron. Real life couple Casey Deidrick (Chad) and Molly Burnett (Melanie) took a group of journalists on a tour of one of the soundstages. On why Brady is willing to be Nicole’s lap dog, including agreeing to pretend he was using drugs again: I did have trouble with it as an actor, portraying this ability of Brady’s to just see past all of these manipulations.

Highlights included seeing the Horton Christmas tree, the marvelously detailed Di Mera mansion and the disappointingly dry Brady Pub. But you have to remember that when you’re in such an intimate place with someone you get a little easygoing with the things you are willing to do for people.

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Fun fact: used to be roommates with Vampire Diaries Steven R. When he came back to Salem guns blazing it was all about Nicole. Now she’s an undercover narcotics officer walking around with her badge and her gun. All of a sudden Brady Black, he’s got the propensity to get back on drugs. I loved Passions for what it was but Days has much more story and depth. On working on NBC’s only soap: Guiding Light was canceled this year. If I was a producer I probably would have done the exact same thing.

Mc Queen On why Chad rejected Nicole’s sexual advances: I think a lot of people would be like, “What is this kid doing? I think Chad is really sincere about getting custody of his daughter. He’s not going to let some girl whose been lying to him this whole time get in his way. I don’t think anybody saw that happening given all the history he had with Chloe. Even though the faces are very similar the dynamics are different. We laugh about [Passions] all the time, especially scenes where Galen and myself and Lindsay are all the same scene. Passions had close to 1.5 million people watching every episode. We had a lot of talent on Passions that in my opinion was untapped because the story was so ludicrous it was hard to see how good these people were.

I’m not saying it’s the best idea or he was necessarily acting [his] age. When I accepted the job I thought Nadia and I would be spending a lot of time together. I think I’ll hang with your best friend and get involved in your baby stuff.” On working with Lindsay Hartley again: It’s falling off a bike and getting back up and starting to ride again. If we could have brought some of those fans over to Days of Our Lives and keep the show on the air, I don’t know why anybody would vote against that. On his role in the baby switch denouement: I have scenes I’m taping with Nicole. What I can tell you is that Brady’s desire to help Nicole out has not subsided.

Soon, despite a false lead wherein a Phoenix tattoo suggested he might be supervillain Stefano Di Mera (somehow sans the thick Italian accent), it was determined that John was, in fact, Roman Brady, the presumed dead half of supercouple Roman and Marlena. Their mother pulled Forrest out and revived him, but figured being around Lawrence wasn’t safe, and secretly sent Forrest away to be raised in America under the name John Black. This is where the evil Stefano (with the thick Italian accent intact) steps in (via flashback). Once upon a time in Ireland, novice nun Colleen had an affair with the married Santo. John Black is really Ryan Brady, Stefano’s half-brother! For a while there, John challenged Stefano for the Di Mera empire (and tried to reclaim the computer disc where all of his memories were stored).

The poor amnesiac spent some time wandering aimlessly about town, adopting the moniker “John Black” from a Vietnam veteran’s name on a memorial wall. Seems that when they were children, Lawrence stood by and watched while his sibling “drowned” in their swimming pool. Reunited with Marlena, John goes on another hunt for his missing past and, this time, learns that he is the son of Colleen Brady (Roman’s aunt) and Santo Di Mera (Stefano’s father). Stefano vowed revenge on the entire Brady family as a result. Colleen was the person Stefano’s father was cheating on Stefano’s mother with. ) John caught up with the now elderly Colleen (played by star Shirley Jones), who told him the whole story.

Roman and Marlena joyfully reunited and renewed their vows. (Yes, it turns out the name on the Vietnam wall was just a coincidence. Viewers learn that Stefano had once kidnapped John and used him as a mercenary, art thief, and priest (hey, specialization is for insects! Stefano also brainwashed John into forgetting his past and thinking he was Roman (which is where this story started). Pregnant, she faked her death and gave her son up for adoption, which is how he ended up with the Alamain family. Eventually, though, John learned that he was not, in fact, Colleen and Santo’s son. ) So Colleen and Santo weren’t his parents, and the Alamains were his adoptive parents.And then it was time for Marlena to be presumed dead for a while. Or another story point yet to be revealed.) Lawrence and John took DNA tests that proved they were, in fact, brothers. So, good, all loose ends taken care of, all past plot holes plugged up. The real Ryan had died, but the nuns at Colleen’s convent didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth, and lied that John was her lost child. (There was also some intrigue about the fact that Mrs. The whole thing got dropped without further explanation.) Where did John Black really come from?Roman went on, dated other women, rand aised his daughter Carrie along with his and Marlena’s twins, Sami and Eric. Alamain was the sister of one of Stefano’s ex-wives, who’d given birth to a child that wasn’t his—or maybe it was—and gave the baby to her sister. (And how did he end up picking the same alias twice? He’s Forrest Alamain, long-lost brother of another villain, Lawrence (who was in the process of seducing John’s, er, Roman’s daughter, Carrie). Stefano has once again erased John’s memories, and is now using him as an assassin (guess the bottom fell out of the stolen-art market with the recession).) Last year, John was once again on the trail of his origins. And this time, it led him to discovering that his old boarding school was actually a training ground for contract killers. And will it last beyond the current writing regime?