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Sami Brady has had her share of men, marriages and relationships, since the character resurfaced as a teenager back in 1993, under the direction of actress Alison Sweeney.

Her most diabolical plot was drugging Austin, so he’d end up in her bed.It was the start of an elaborate scheme, when Sami turned up pregnant and named Austin as her baby’s father.(In reality, Lucas, who had had a one night fling with Sami, was the child’s daddy.) Austin and Carrie broke up and Sami nearly married Austin, until Carrie uncovered Will’s true paternity and revealed it on their wedding day.Austin dumped Sami, finally ending their twisted union.Years later, when Austin returned to Salem, Sami went after him again, and they ended up engaged.

However, Austin ultimately realized his heart still belonged to Carrie and reconciled with her.

Franco Kelly After getting dumped by Austin, when the truth about Will came out, Sami turned her attentions to suave Italian, Franco Kelly.

He preyed on her insecurities and made Sami believe he truly cared for her.

In reality, Franco had one goal: to marry Sami, so he could get his green card.

On the pair’s wedding day, Franco ended up murdered, and Sami was charged and convicted of the crime.

(Kate had actually framed Sami.) Sami was sentenced to death by lethal injection and nearly executed, until Lucas ran in and saved the day, confessing he had killed Franco, when he found him attacking Kate.