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Each week, the ladies will comically work through their friendship, dating woes and career challenges while showcasing heartfelt moments.

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From a killing spree across the Midwest to an inside informant at the DEA, these women have no limits as to how far they will go to support their men.These are the stories of the obsessions and weaknesses that fueled their falls from grace.Produced by Sirens Productions, the series is scheduled to premiere in August 2015.February 16, 2015 This just about permanent A list mostly television actress from several long running network and cable shows walked in on her celebrity boyfriend.What was supposed to be a surprise at his place turned into a horrible surprise when she saw him in bed with another woman.

As a Radio One (co-parent company of TV One) shareholder (I own a few shares of stock in the company that I’ve been sitting on, hoping for a future payout), I’m certainly encouraged by the moves the TV arm of the business has been making, in order to bolster its standing in TV land.

Certainly not to be overshadowed by competitor BET Networks, TV One today unveiled its programming plans for the 2015-2016 television year, during its first ever upfront season with new President Bradley J. The presentation, which took place earlier today, in New York City, included the announcement of more than 460 hours of original programming, including 8 new series and specials, 16 movies, as well as new production relationships with new partners, including familiar industry creatives and executives like Suzanne de Passe, Chris Stokes, Charles Murray, and Reuben Cannon.

There’s quite a lot to sort through below, which I will eventually, and then return to highlight individual projects that intrigue me most.

But in the meantime, feel free to dig in yourselves, and share your thoughts on anything here that looks good to you: NEW SERIES Born Again Virgin – This sexy and sassy half-hour romantic comedy explores today’s contemporary dating landscape through the eyes and experiences of three 30-something best friends.

The series focuses on Jenna, a professional vlogger who decides to become celibate after a stream of unsuccessful dates and hook-ups leave her wanting more.

She decides to document her newly adapted sex-fast and share the hilarious ‘sexcapades’ of her girlfriends – Kelly and Tara.