Who is hef dating now

Harris who was December 2009's Playboy Playmate of the Month famously broke off her engagement with the Hugh Hefner in June 2011 just days before they were set to get married.

As for the one hitch -- it's if they get unhitched.

We're told the 87-year-old perennial player wants to make sure Crystal has a roof over her head when he's gone, and the Hollywood Hills estate fits the bill.

Over a thousand, I'm sure," Hefner replied when asked how many women he's taken to bed in his lifetime.

, the photo shows Harris with a wider nose and thinner lips which revealed that she has clearly had some help over the past years in changing her facial features.

In the image the Playboy model is wearing a tank top and not much else as she smiles alongside Hefner.

Crystal Harris who was 22-years-old at the time of the photo looks like the average women who could easily be mistaken for a sorority girl or personal trainer, according to the .Meanwhile, Hugh Hefner is in a pair of red silk pajamas and holding a heart-shaped framed photo of the two from an earlier time.At the time of the photo the couple had only been faith for two months after meeting on Halloween in 2008.The Playboy founder attached the caption, "Throwback Thursday: @crystalhefner and I back in 2008 - our first Christmas holiday together," to the photo.This is not to say that we are shocked that Crystal Harris has dabbled in plastic surgery seeing as Playboy models are notorious for having cosmetic procedures done, most going in for breast implants among other operations.It seems that the blonde Crystal appears to have focused on her face seeing as her lips look more plump, her nose has a different shape and even her eyebrows appear fuller.