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With a few nudges to the medium and a new take on the opening, the Kenny Ortega-directed small-screen pic stayed pretty close overall to the 1975 original – which seemed to work just fine for the SRO ballroom.Big cheers went up when the original Frank-N-Furter Tim Curry appeared onscreen as the Criminologist Narrator and when alum Reeve Carney debuted as Riff-Raff, a role played by creator Richard O’Brien in the play and film.Of course the biggest cheer went up when a sequin-covered Laverne Cox came on as the new Dr.

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Tonight’s panel included Ortega, EPs Lou Adler and Gail Berman and cast members Carney, Christina Milian (Magenta), Victoria Justice (Janet Weiss) and Ryan Mc Cartan (Brad Majors).

“The reason I thought about television there’s lot of Brad and Janets out there, as we’ve seen in the past week, who don’t’ go to midnight theater,” said Alder, who produced the original.

“If we could bring it to them, they could know what they need to know,” he added, nodding to political and social divides in modern America.

At The Disco - Bohemian Rhapsody | Rammstein - Feuer frei!

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With a crowd pleasing opening credits with a version of “Science Fiction – Double Feature” belted out by Ivy Levan as the movie theater usherette, fans got to see 25 minutes from the two-hour Fox TV movie.