Woodstock il sexy

I’m on enough meds to slow down a charging Kardashian (the one who’s like the bull of the family). There are many “pickles” in this episode, but the main one right off the bat is that both Artis and Jess are already in relationships. As I write this I am in the process of sweating out a fever so I can’t really be responsible for what I type tonight. However, she’s fully functional either way…if ya know what I mean…and I think ya do because I have dirt-bag-like qualities.

Later we learn that Nev busted his foot whilst most likely doing high-impact jazzercising and singing “He works hard for the money…” They end up giving Nev a boot to wear and you know that Max is going to have a blast riding that boot like a horsey circa the days when little kids would ride on Bill Cosby’s leg. He was saying things like, “And I can’t wait to kiss down ‘yo’ body and kiss all over ‘yo.'” This may have helped break my fever due to over-complicated secondhand embarrassment. Per usual this consists of Googling sh*t and emailing strangers on Facebook.I’m pretty sure Max even sprouted a few more grey hairs after hearing that, amongst other things. Rumor has it this was the exact way they found both Bin Laden and Saddam. I think it was like Bin Laden posted something on Facebook like, “Sunny day in Tajikistan today” and then Nev “liked” the status and then they met up.After dropping the one image of Jess into Google immediately all smut sites show up. I was waiting to see Nev peeking between his fingers all whilst dry heaving and screaming “boobies!” Moreover, they learn that Jess apparently worked at Hooters and went to the “Skool of Hard Knocks.” I hear Annie went to the same school. Obviously we all immediately know that this chick is fake, but we need to figure out who she really is.Personally I thought at first that it was the baby mama of Artis, but I’m starting to learn the patterns of this show.

They’ve been focusing too much on the baby mama in rando conversations, so I think they’re trying to blindside us. Max and Nev notice that on her Facebook page she posted a nice little note about recently being single and wanted to know if anyone was interested to “hang or bang.” She sounds sweet. Nev and Max fill Artis on these latest discoveries and Artis actually seems shocked. You have basically work in a factory…not that there’s anything wrong with that.Kind of like the girl you’d bring home to mom, you know, in order to give mom a heart attack and get your hands on the inheritance. How this guy got three different women pregnant is beyond me.There is one dude, however, on her page that comments stating that he doesn’t think that she’s real. However, he still wants to meet Jess and figure this out once and for all.So they get in touch with this dude who immediately calls back and states that they live in a small town and he knows everyone and has never seen her before in his life. Max and Nev get in touch with Jess via Facebook, but she won’t call them back so they just chat back and forth in a creepy way until she finally agrees to meet them all in the park.Well, folks, BTFU (Buck the F*ck Up) because sh*t is about to get real. This is some homicidal maniac about to kill the cast of Catfish on national television! 2016 Cigar Humidor Reviews 10 Best Beard Oils in 2016 Reviewed 12 Best Desert Boots for Men 2016 10+ Christmas Gifts for Wife 2016 Best Face Wash in 2016 for Men Top Bathing Suits for Men in 2016 Top 10 Sneakers in 2016 for Men Eyeglasses Guys Love Best Funny Memes Ever 10+ Best Cigars That are Top Rated Top 10 Mens Wallets of 2016 Season Ten Best Concealers for Dark Spots Top Dry Shampoo for Oily or Dry Hair Best Self Tanner This Year Trendy Makeup All Chic Women Love Best Nude Lipstick Trends This Season Best Eye Cream for Under Eyes 94 Famous Movie Quotes Best Dark Spot Correctors Summer Best Matte Lipstick Colors & Shades Best Pink Lipstick Colors For 2016 Best Gifts for Him 2016 Best Toaster Ever Best Anniversary Gifts 2016 Best Vacuums Ever Funny Coffee Mugs & Cups 2016 Best Wedding Gift Ideas 2016 Housewarming Gifts We Love The Cutest Best Friend Gifts Ever Top Holiday Gifts for Men in 2016 - 2017 Season 21+ Trendy Costumes This Halloween!Nev is wobbling around on crutches like a busted marionette and they’re all just sitting on a picnic table at some random park waiting for Jess to show up. Some broken down 1993 Honda Civic comes barreling down the road, speeds into a parking space, and then slams on the breaks. Suddenly some DUDE gets out of the car and punches the roof of this car and quickly walks over to them SLOW CLAPPING and getting closer and closer to Artis’ face. Nev decides to man up and starts to push this guy away telling him to back up and calm down and this dude just keeps saying “don’t touch me! Also, with the fever I could have made up this entire episode.