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' Matches' show up in the left side column, although I couldn't figure out what criteria was used to match me with other members, since I didn't fill out my profile, add a photo, or otherwise state what I was looking for other than a gender preference upon signing up.I was told there were no matches, so I'd have to start 'liking other people' if I wanted a match, and if they 'liked' me too we'd get matched up.Most of the profiles I visited weren't fully filled out, although the gross majority have at least one picture posted.

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I was somewhat surprised at the number of older (60+) men on the site.

After a few minutes of perusing, I noticed that I couldn't search people by what they were looking for, or vice versa.

I also discovered there wasn't much I couldn't do on the site, other than contact people directly.

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Visit Their Website Overview from x Dating Normally I quote something from the dating site I am reviewing here, but in this case I couldn't find any promotional information about x Dating on their site, either through their home page, About Us page or after signing up.

From what I can tell, x Dating focuses on real-time interactions with people wanting adult, casual or primarily sexual relationships.

Users under the age of majority in their geographic region are not welcome, and sexually explicit images are found all over the site should a user set their preferences to view them.

What an x Dating Membership Includes After an incredibly quick signup that takes less than 10 seconds, with no requirements with regards to uploading photos or writing a blurb about yourself, you can start searching x Dating for a partner, date or casual fling.

Everything of note happens in the ' Dating Center', with a long list of updated information along the left similar to a Twitter feed, and a several boxes along the right to show you who else is online, has made contact or viewed you shows up along the right.