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This is a simple experiment which shows the current live subscriber count on You Tube for a channel or user.The count displayed on You Tube is often incorrect because it doesn't update in realtime.The count on this page is taken directly from the Google's Infrastructure and hence is as accurate as possible.

You can also input search terms for a channel, this will try to automatically correct spellings in most cases.This is as good as You Tube Search itself, because it uses the same engine to search for channels.You can literally enter anything that You Tube supports.Examples: You can find more information about the project on Git Hub including license and contributors.You can get in touch with me over Twitter or email, if you prefer.

Do let me know if you have any feedback or ideas for this project!I've been seeing a lot of copies of this project on the internet, please consider adding an attribution if you are planning to deploy this project on your website.If you are a You Tuber, consider using a direct link for your channel instead of creating a new clone, that'll save you from a lot of hassle. Facebook’s live streaming service is the new kid on the block, but how does the aptly named Live service compare to You Tube’s live streaming offerings, as well as Twitter-owned Periscope, Meerkat and Zapstream?The live streaming market has grown large enough to support some impressive niche markets such as Twitch, popular with gamers (see what Facebook Live’s launch means for Twitch users here).So will Facebook Live get lost in the sea of social network add-ons, or can it compete head on with general broadcasting tools from its top rivals?